The Power of Sponsorship

The sponsorship experience changes lives. Every organization involved with child sponsorship is working to bring positive change to those who need it most. We hope you will find the table below helpful in comparing the cost and benefits of each organization.

Though all sponsorship organizations can benefit children and, in many cases, their families and communities, there are many distinctions between them. There are two models used by sponsorship organizations: community-based funding and one-to-one sponsorship. A community-based program combines sponsorship dollars to fund projects within a community and the sponsored children in the community benefit from those projects in various ways. A one-to-one sponsorship program guarantees specific tangible benefits to every child in the program, and in some cases, that child's family.

Additionally, it is important to note that while the cost of sponsorship varies widely among the organizations, it does not always translate into increased benefits that are given directly to the sponsored child.

While we believe Children International offers you an excellent and affordable choice for making a lasting impact on one child's life, choosing any of these organizations will bring positive change to those who need it most.

Thank you for considering child sponsorship, the first step in making real and lasting changes to the life of a child and his or her family.

Measured Benefit CHILDREN  INTERNATIONAL ChildFund Compassion Plan USA Save the Children World Vision
 Year founded 1936 1938 1952 1937 1932 1950
 Monthly sponsorship amount $25 $28 $38 $30 $28 $35
 Can I manage my sponsorship online? Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
 Can I view past and current photos of my
 child online?


No No No No No
 Community-based or one-to-one
One-to-One Community One-to-One Community Community Community
 Is organization partnering with the United  Nations? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
 Organization's status with the United Nations Special Consultative Special Consultative N/A Consultative Consultative Consultative
 Demonstrates sponsorship improves
 children’s lives through published youth
 report card?
Yes No No No No No
Direct Benefits to Sponsored Children
 Provides safe environment in dedicated
 community centers for children to learn, play
 and receive material benefits
check check        
 Medical care and medicine check   check check    
 Dental care check   check      
 Emergency food & nutritional rehabilitation check check check      
 Clothing and shoes check check check      
 Primary education assistance check check   check check  
Additional Programs Offered to Sponsored Children
 Skills training and vocational education
check check check      
 College scholarship program check check check      
 Sports leagues check          
 Disaster assistance check check   check check check
 Youth programs teaching leadership skills check check check check    
Additional Benefits for Sponsors
 Exclusive social network to interact with other  sponsors check   check      
 Ongoing country updates through online
 articles, photos, videos & blogs
check check check   check check

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This study was updated in August 2012. For a detailed explanation of how the information in this table was gathered, please reference our study narrative.

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